Why Buy From Twisted Tree

We all know the value of natural, healthy and ethical products. Unfortunately in today’s profit driven and increasingly competitive global economy corners are often cut by large companies to achieve a more competitive price on their products.  The following will outline the benefits of purchasing a bottle of oil from Twisted Tree.


  • Individual Health- Olive oil has many proven benefits such as reducing heart problems, reducing inflammation, lowering risk of cancer and improving skin. However not all olive oil is created equal. Some company’s use sprays when growing to control pests, heat the olives to get more oil (this kills the natural goodness) and use a method called solvent extraction adding chemicals to get every last drop from the olives. At Twisted Tree we make sure our products are spray free and organic (or extremely close to) and also extra virgin and cold pressed. This means all the natural goodness is not destroyed in the extraction process and you know exactly what you are putting into your body.
  • Ethical- We support some of NZ’s best small producers and are happy to pay them a fair price for their product. If you buy from Twisted Tree you can feel good knowing farmers/producers and their families are not undergoing hardship to shave a dollar or two off the finished product.
  • Environmental- Twisted Tree also seeks out producers who are environmentally conscious in their production methods. Many companies choose higher density production methods which can result in a lower cost final product, but the true cost of these production methods is becoming increasingly more visible as climate change and pollution becomes more of an issue for our planet. Our producers choose to go above and beyond, to protect the environment. They use a variety of production methods, such as making their own natural fertilisers from seaweed and using sheep to control the weeds.
  • Overall quality- When the process of creating food is done properly and without short cuts, the finished product is of an overall higher quality and taste.
  • Traceability- We know where all our products are coming from and have a close relationship with our producers. We have taken a hands on approach, using and testing all the products, visiting many olive groves, presses and bottling warehouses around the country so that we can guarantee our products are what we say they are.



Buy here and taste the difference!!